Saturday, July 19, 2008

Phillippines - Visiting the dead

When you pay a visit to a dead person, usually at their family home, and then going back after that. Never go back straight to your home, it is believed that the spirit of the death will follow you and stay at your home.

So...on the way home, go to some place else, either resting or eating out before reaching home, so that the spirit will be left there.


Steven Wong said...

The living is always afraid of the dead. This is not just a Phillipines habit, but in general, all kinds of people around the world are superstitious of the dead. That is why, they do all kinds of rituals to "cleanse" themselves after associating with the dead.

Some have taken to appease them by continuing to offer sacrifices to them according to them as their ancestors, thus leading to worshiping the dead.


DJPianz said...

Yes, you're right. I quoted the Phillipines a few days after watching old Phillipines movies about 3 siblings/relatives who one of their mother involving in this kind of black magic to protect her daughter.

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