Monday, April 26, 2010

Scotland - Sneeze

In Scotland, it is believed that a newborn child is said to remain under 'the fairy spells'. The spell will be broken when the child has sneezed for the first time.


~Bloggerina~ said...

blessed you..

Eirinn Norrie said...

I'm very interested in world superstitions in relation to objects. I made a blog about superstitions and objects for my final project for my university class. If you have any free time, I would really appreciate it if you could comment on my blog!!
Here it is:

Some other interesting superstitions from Scotland:

It is normal for superstitions to be about common household objects, since these objects were easily available to the people. If handing scissors to somebody else, you must hand them holding the blade yourself, otherwise you may cut the friendship between you and the person that you are handing the scissors to. If you drop a pair of scissors, it is bad luck to pick them up yourself— you must have somebody else pick them up for you. If you receive a gift that is sharp, such as scissors, you must give the person who gave you the gift a silver coin in return. This is because it is believed that the sharp, gifted object could sever the friendship between the two people. The coin functions almost like you are “paying” for a part of your gift, and therefore it will not cut your friendship. Today in many countries, children in school learn to pass scissors to each other by holding the blade, so that the other person can grab the handle of the scissors and not get hurt. This could be simply for safety, but it could have stemmed out of Scottish superstition about severing a friendship. In addition, many superstitions were about safety (such as it is bad luck to sleep with your head under a beam), maybe because having superstitions encouraged children to listen better than when they were simply told not to do it. Giving a silver coin in return for receiving a sharp gift is still practiced in certain regions in Scotland today. If somebody does give you a coin in return today, it is almost a nice surprise that the superstition is still honored.

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